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everyone is dA BOMB!
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Artist | Student | Varied

Trying to be a little more active here and my art tumblr haaa, it's been awfully busy lately but I'm looking forward to trying to get back into it.

20 | Australia | Eternal State of Confusion



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HEY LUFFY DRAW ME! by angelmermaid
An arttrade I did with :iconveleven:
It took me waayyy too long to do, so i thought I'd go all out and make it a bit more fancy than a boring portrait ahah, I hope you like it dude! Hope we can trade again in the future :D it was really fun to draw!
Sybal Heim - Lucille by angelmermaid
Sybal Heim - Lucille
:iconsparklesplz: :iconsybal-heim: :iconsparklesplz:
This took me way too long to do ////sobs


Name: Lucille "Luci" Morrison
Age: 22
Height: 5"8' 
Physcial Age: 20
Hair: Long, straight and platinum blonde
Eyes: Vivid hazel

Faction: Disciple 

Luci started off quite frightened of the new world around her but it slowly grew on her; though she’s unaware of the fact, Luci would fight for Sybal Heim. She doesn’t miss the time or place she came from and not a day passes where she wishes to return. 

Sybal Form:  

Navani l'infantée

At night, Luci reverts to the parts of herself that have been hidden and controlled for years. In contrast to her usual manner, Luci's sybal possesses a happy, enthusiastic demeanor. She's extremely friendly and makes the most of life, meeting new people and trying new things at every opportunity. She sees the cup as half full, but her childish nature and lack of control makes her naïve and easily manipulated. Luci is still developing control over her sybal, and is very clumsy and harmless.

Sybal Power: Emergency Adhesive

When emotionally distressed, Luci will secrete a substance that can be used to her advantage or disadvantage. Her power takes the form of a slime secreted through her skin, which grows sticky as it cools.
The amount produced can’t be controlled, but the more distressed or emotional Luci becomes, the more appears to be created. Before it becomes sticky, Luci is able to gather it up and throw it at targets with one of her many hands. If it isn’t removed, she can easily end up gluing herself into a mess. If Luci controls her emotions, she’s able to manipulate it somewhat but this rarely happens. Her glue grows stronger over time, but once the sun rises loses all stickiness and turns to salt water.
Regular water can also be used to wash it away.

Feral or Docile: Feral 

Personality:  Nervous | Dull | Introverted | Vain | Temperamental 

After living a life of seclusion for so long, Luci is still growing accustomed to getting out and about and being social. Once coming to Sybal Heim, her cold, closed-in behavior has slowly begun to fade but she's still dealing with the new changes to her lifestyle.

Despite seeming very out of the loop, she's much happier than she was prior coming to the city. She smiles more, and is more willing to make conversation. However, too much social interaction can still send her home very quickly and she quickly shuts down when prodded into uncharted territory.


From what she can recall, Lucille came from England in the year 1875. Ever since she was a young teenager, she stayed cooped inside. Her parents had divorced when she was young and moved on to grow new families, and Luci was blamed for the scandal and pushed aside for much of her childhood.

Having being taught she was a mistake for as long as she could remember lead her to treating herself like one; she cared little for herself to the point where she barely learned to be a normal human being. Her mother's nanny tried her best to push her into society but only managed to pull her from the confines of her room for occasional grocery trips. Even then, Luci hated leaving her home. She would talk little, and learned to be good at listening—and taking the brunt of her families’ yelling. Their anger taught Luci to not trust anyone, even those who cared for her.

Towards the end of 1888, Lucille tried and failed to commit suicide—the first in a string of attempts that led to her being institutionalized in 1891. On the day of her enrolment, she ran. She didn’t know where to, or why, but she knew she needed to escape. For the first time in her life, she found herself compelled to keep going and her feet brought her to the edge of a strange forest. She plunged through the Aionious Woods and into Sybal Heim and her new life.


-Luci has always been very vain about her hair. She's very protective over it and doesn't like anyone touching it. 
-By day Luci is very much a young woman but by night in her sybal form, she has no specific gender qualities, sharing traits of every part of the gender spectrum. 
-Has a rather deep voice.
-Is unbothered by the scars covering her body.
-Dreams of learning how to dance, having seen performances in the past she's always been facinated by the art. 
-Once entering Sybal Heim and being placed in Ambrotos, Luci wasted no time leaving for a different district seeing it reminded her too much of her life before. She finds the culture and atmosphere of Heilig to be much more appealing.
-She’s never wanted to be a parent but loves children, their brighter, softer natures easily slipping into her heart.
-After a short time being in Sybal Heim, Luci began to dress more openly and wore dresses or short sleeved clothing. Having kept her scars covered her entire life and having to continue that only brought back bad memories. Once becoming more comfortable with every day life, her clothing did too. 

Sybal-Heim and app (c) Turtle-Arts
Lucille and art (c) Me
A day Inside The Walls by angelmermaid
A day Inside The Walls

This was my original idea when i started making up the fake screenshots and such for the group.
Kinda like a live action version of unEYE, I was going to go to extent of making a few more with subtitles like the ones I uploaded previously but I didn't end up having enough day light today to do so haha.
They were really fun to make and edit, if more posters are made I might do some more fake screenshots/live action stuff. 

Photo & 'RIOTS ARE WRONG' poster and hand (laffs) by me
'LIGHTS OUT' and 'LADY LIBERTY' poster (c) :iconsigme:

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