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December 31, 2011
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LH app: Lucas Cresswell by angelmermaid LH app: Lucas Cresswell by angelmermaid
My App for :iconlove-hotel:

come join amg


Lucas Cresswell, he got called Cessy a lot by previous peers as he prefers that to this Christian name.



His mother is Spanish and his father is English though he classes himself as an American seeing he grew up there but he’s technically English.

Tenant Position:
Trolling- He gets off on seeing the peoples reaction when he leads them on but cuts the shenanigans short.
Using his tongue- he’s good at that u v u
Foreplay- He prefers to play around as much as possible, he hates the fact he doesn’t last long during sex so foreplay is one of the things he’s learnt to make everything better.
Endurance- Can take on anything, bondage, whips, blades, toys of any kind and is very capable of giving anything back no matter how weird, painful or kinky it is.

+He loves it when people tease time back during his trolling.
+lotsa pain, more the better.
+The feeling of furry or fluffy things
+biting, he also has a strange thing for braces, finds them irresistible.
+In his taste of men he either likes manly taller men or girly short men, overall he doesn’t really mind but if he had a preference that would be it.

-latex suits or costumes
-sex straight up, he doesn’t enjoy it at all without foreplay.
-long, long hair
-bad breath
-Conversation without flirting, he wont hang around and merely make chatter with someone unless he’s getting something out of it.

He can be a bit of an ass but most of the time he’s quite relaxed about things, stress free and calm. If he think someone’s flirting or teasing with him he makes a point to bluntly ask them, if not meh, but if they are he’d be the one to push the into a bedroom or the closest stable surface. He can be a little loud at times, swearing and yelling are a habit though he has a soft quiet side, usually if he’s just woken up he can act a little uke-ish but majority of the time his full on seme = v =~
Loves to laugh and have a good time, alcohol is one of his best friends, couldn’t live without his booze.

He was born in England and him and his parents moved over to the US after he turned 5, he grew up happily enough, only child, rich parents until his parents died in a plane crash around his 13th birthday. After then he was switched out of foster families continuously until he turned 18, half the time the reason why he was moved to a different family was that he kept coming onto his foster siblings, the parents of coarse dislikes this extremely and kicked him out at the nearest possible time. He went about club to club during his eighteenth year, sleeping in a different bed each night. Once he turned 19 he’d heard word about the ‘Love Hotel’ as he heard more and more about this place he decided to take his few belonging and the clothes on his back over to the hotel, looking for a better turn to his life.

Additional Information:
-He has a large tattoo on his back of various flowers, each one meaning a different thing, two of which represent his parents.
-He suffered from asthma as a child, he isn’t as fragile as he used to be but can get pretty sick once winter comes around if he’s not careful.
-Not afraid of going to far with anything, if his ‘partner’ suggests something there would never be a time where he’d say no even if he disliked it himself.
-If you can't find him anywhere he's most likely up in his room with headphones on listening to he favorite songs at full blast.
-secretly wants to steal Dantis's puppy, Dawson.


Hope i get accepted ;;;o;;;;

Art and Lucas (c) Me :iconangelmermaid:
:iconlove-hotel: (c) :iconshadow-obsessions:
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TanakaHaru Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute ^////^
>///< His face is hard to squeeze XD
angelmermaid May 22, 2012  Student General Artist
pft thank you glad you think so xD <3
ChosenOfKagami Mar 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Angel. Angel. Omg Angel.
You're in Love Hotel? e 7 e
angelmermaid Mar 27, 2012  Student General Artist
nehe e v e yeees i am.

You thinking about joining e Qe?
ChosenOfKagami Mar 27, 2012  Student General Artist
I already submitted my app and am waiting for Friday to see if he gets accepted. ; 7 ;
angelmermaid Feb 3, 2012  Student General Artist
e v e he'd love to~
If you've got skype or msn we can rp is you'd like :iconheplz:

I don't believe I have either D: My skype is caitlinmurphy17
angelmermaid Feb 4, 2012  Student General Artist
added u v u)b
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